Bladder Catheterization Simulator Florence, female

This model is a perfect training patient for education and is characterized by the use of high quality materials which are very close to real humans in optical and haptic properties but still are strong and durable. The lower body allows the insertion of the female genital insert as well as the male insert, whilst the anatomical position of genital and urethra is kept strictly. The innovative bladder can be placed in different positions to connect it perfectly with the male or the female genital. The shape of the bladder was created to avoid any unrealistic resistance while inserting the catheter and prevent the students to try “palpating” the correct insertion depth. Also a new kind of valve was used, allowing to have no resistance when the catheter enters the bladder. This specific feature distinguishes the trainer in quality from all other trainers with a classic valve. The bladder is transparent to enable the student to see the position and the blocking of the catheter. The bladder is connected to a fluid bag which allows „urine“ flow if catheterization was successful.

The female genital is designed to require spreading the flexible labia to find the urethral meatus. The female urethral meatus is not immediately obvious and located very close to open vaginal canal highlighting potentials for unsuccessful catheterization. The urethra provides a realistic touch and feel when inserting a catheter.

Delivered with a soft carrying case.